There are many benefits to obtaining an Instructor Certification from the IFP.  First the curriculum is developed by the top players and instructors in the game.  This standard (and more importantly framework) will be the same no matter where you train or teach across the globe.  What are the other benefits:

  • We offer ONLINE Continual Education Courses to continue to add proficiency to your teaching ability.

  • Monthly Webinars / FAQ Video Conferencing Sessions with the top Tier 1 Instructors from the IFP.

  • Monthly newsletters with Instructor tips, drills, strategy ideas and more.

  • Access to a instructor video archive to continue to develop your skills.

  • Plus much more...

Please Note:  Certification and Training pricing will be coming soon.  Target date is August 1, 2020.


This is a (3) hour course and trains individuals to be able to teach Beginners and those new to the sport.  Requirement:  (3) months of Pickleball experience.  Note:  For those with a background in racket/paddle sports an ‘IFP Training Certified’ workshop is available to exempt you from the (3) month requirement.

This is a (7) hour course that allows individuals that are proficient in Pickleball mechanics and strategy to teach individuals up through the Intermediate level (3.0 – 3.9 Skill level). Requirement:  (6) months of Pickleball experience.  3.5+ Skill-level.  Note:  For those with a background in racket/paddle sports an ‘IFP Training Certified’ workshop is available to exempt you from the (6) month requirement.

For those interested in improving their teaching abilities or for those that have a background in other racket/paddle sports that want to ‘exempt’ from the (6) month requirement required for the IFP Certified Instructor or (3) month requirement for the IFP Teaching Certified.  This is a (2) day course (3-days are available too).  This allows you to shadow an IFP Certified Instructor - Tier 1 (Pro Level Instructor) over a 2 or 3 day instructional camp.

These are (1) hour rating sessions to provide individuals a proficiency level rating in Pickleball mechanics and strategy.  It follows the standard 2.0 – 6.0 rating standards.


These are online ‘Continual Education Courses’ to provide additional understanding and proficiency in specific areas of the game.

Each course has (3) levels (Silver, Gold and Master Level).  At the end of each course completion, you will receive an ‘IFP Proficiency Certification’ for that specific topic and level.


The Virtual Video Conferencing Training sessions fall under our ‘Continual Education’ department.  These sessions are once a month and are hosted by one or more of our Pro-level Certified Instructor Clinicians.  They are available to all IFP Certified Teachers and Instructors at no charge.

These sessions each month will have a primary topic of conversation (advertised prior to the event) along with a 'Questions & Answer' (Q&A) time.  The Q&A time will allow you to pick the brains of our Lead Instructors.

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